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If you reside in Brisbane city, your home and locality are prone to some of the most severe pest species. These include bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, spiders, creepy crawlers, fire ants, biting midges etc. While everyone is habituated in dealing with the common house ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders, the major pest attacks caused by termites, yellow crazy ants, meat ants, sugar ants, green head ants and funnel ants can present severe challenges for household and commercial premises. You need a reliable and credible company for pest control in such circumstances. EPM Pest and Termite Control Brisbane is your one-stop destination to call for pest treatment and termite treatment services that will produce effective and lasting results. Our pest control services are some of the best in town.

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Some Important Facts on Pest management in Brisbane

Brisbane homes, commercial properties and those in the transportation business are at a high risk of facing serious consequences of pest attacks, which often results in financial losses. Therefore, you need to be aware of the different kinds of termite infestations and pest problems that commonly exist in your community. Thus, here are some common pest and insect species and the possible risk factors associated with them:

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TERMITES: Brisbane’s warm and humid climatic conditions are favourable for termite growth and breeding. They are present everywhere: in the playgrounds, trees, sheds etc. Even if you have not yet noticed an attack in the house, it is recommended to organize yearly termite inspections.

REDBACK SPIDERS: This is the most common spider species in the Brisbane locality, potentially crawling through your roof space. Their bite is poisonous and requires immediate medical help. These troublesome pests generally reside in the outdoor areas of your building. They are commonly found on machinery, patio furniture, water and electricity meters and other dry areas surrounding the home.

FIRE ANTS: The Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) can be serious if they are residing in your home premises. They are difficult to distinguish in terms of appearance looking quite similar to ordinary garden ants or those in your home. These unwanted pests are aggressive in behaviour and their sharp bite can be painful and severe.

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BED BUGS: These domestic pests have been among the most problematic pests in Brisbane since commercialisation in the area. While they are commonly found in hotels and corporate offices, the major problem is that they can travel with you to your residence without your knowledge. Feeding on human blood, their bites can be severe, causing irritation and skin problems. The bed bug infestation mainly occurs in the bedroom where they can feed on the blood, especially at night time when you are asleep.

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YELLOW CRAZY ANTS: These domestic pests are categorized as the Class 1 Pest under Pest and Stock Route Management Act 2002. They can be recognized by their aggressive behavior and yellowish appearance. They do not bite but tend to spray formic acid if they guess danger or attack. Upon contact, this formic acid can irritate the eyes and skin of both humans, especially children and pets. Thus, we treat ants through our professional service in the best way possible.

This pest problem has a direct harmful health implication and the Brisbane pest control team actively works towards solving it.

While these are some of the most important pests affecting homes and industrial complexes, EPM professionals are well acquainted with all types of pests and insect attacks, their effects and most importantly, remedial measures for effective extermination and future infestation prevention. Therefore, they are fully prepared through our pest service to counterattack these nuisance pests.

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Termite Treatment Services

Termites are highly capable of causing damage to your home. They mainly attack wood but are also likely to damage paper, books, infiltrations, and much more. It is integral to contain termites to keep your household safe and healthy, like alternative pests. There are over 200 species of termites in Australia. These include giant termites, west Indian dry wood termites, and coptotermes acinaciformes. EPM Pest and Termite Control offers the facility of termite treatment to help in this regard. Therefore, Brisbane residents should opt for our termite treatment plan because our highly professional termite control technicians have years of experience in the industry. Our exclusive termite inspections and treatment are likely to make you forget about their existence completely.


Pest Management and Pest Control In Brisbane


Pests are pesky creatures that widely contribute to decreasing your standard of living. The threat of pests infesting your food, furniture, or clothes can be taxing. We can control and prevent all sorts of general pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, rats, mice, fleas, bed bugs, flies and many more from settling in your home. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to control pests and have a pest free household, we’ve got you covered!


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Why Choose EPM Pest Control Brisbane And Pest Inspection Services?

Here are some reasons why you should choose EPM Pest Control And Brisbane Pest Inspection Services for all your building and pest inspection needs. Doing so is critical in ensuring your family can reside in a safe environment.

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❱ EPM Pest & Termite Brisbane provides excellent and professional pest inspection services with a 15-year track record
❱ EPM has a highly skilled Brisbane pest control team consisting of technicians and support staff with effective monitoring systems
❱ Integrated pest management system and effective treatment using safe and non-chemical pesticides allow for effective solutions
❱ We house advanced pest servicing techniques and equipment
❱ High-end knowledge on different pest species and proper extermination methods employed
❱ Acquaintance with latest pest problem trends and safe infestation control measures
❱ Best competitive rates and ethical pricing policies
❱ Quick appointments and prompt response to customer queries
❱ Fully insured and licensed Brisbane pest control company

Do not wait for pests to cause serious consequences; call us today for an early termite inspection and non-chemical treatment conducted by professionals. After all, keeping your domestic and commercial properties safe from the slow yet harmful dangers of pests and termites is important.

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About EPM Pest Service Brisbane

EPM Professional Pest Control in Brisbane is a premier organisation in Brisbane offering unmatched environmentally-friendly pest control and infestation services to locals and customers from adjoining areas.

Having offered dedicated quality services and effective solutions in the pest control industry for over 12 years now, our company has earned a decent reputation in the industry and the trust of our customers. We have a team of trained and highly experienced pest control professionals to look after all your requirements; and when it comes to building and pest inspection, we employ safe and convenient measures.

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Our Local Mission

The EPM team is committed to extending support and the best of services to customers facing pest and insect infestation problems. In fact, we counter pest problems by employing safe methods.

Conducting our work in domestic, residential or commercial properties, we focus on providing a pest control service that helps people. Our ultimate aim is to offer customers the benefits of a pest-free lifestyle.

Why Annual Termite Inspection is Vital For Every Brisbane Home

Throughout our tenure of working towards pest treatments, we have found that majority of homes require annual treatment for termites along with pest control Brisbane.

In the case of pest attacks, early pest control is worthy of preventing hefty losses and problems. The easiest and most common method to avoid a termite infestation and various pest control problems is to conduct thorough inspections at least once a year.


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Non-Chemical Pest Treatment Inspection

EPM Pest & Termite Brisbane offers the best non-chemical pest treatment solutions to keep your premises free from toxic chemicals that are hazardous for kids and people with allergies.

If you are intolerant to chemicals, we can guarantee highly effective pest control that produces fine results without using harmful pesticides. Moreover, this contributes to conducting these services in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Essential Measures To Avoid Termite Attack Losses

We highly recommend annual termite inspection in all types of buildings including homes, resorts, motels, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings, as a safety measure for protecting your property and health.


Climatic Implications

Note: Winters are crucial for pest control of your property. During warm climatic conditions, insects and pests tend to leave their holes or nests crawling on the visible grounds.

During chilling weather, pests generally reside in holes and cracks in walls, floors and other areas often left unnoticed.

This does not mean that they are not residing in your homes, ready to attack. This period calls for pest control and is ideal for getting rid of these creatures to avoid massive damage once the summer monsoon months begin.

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“We moved into our first home over 2 years ago, and EPM pest control has been nothing short of reliable, friendly and all round amazing.

We usually have Eddy come by to do our termite and pest control, however we had Mahdi come out this time, and he was exceptional. Highly knowledgeable and so understanding of us having to work from home and working around us in our office space etc.

Highly recommend EPM pest control!“

Debbie Singh

"We contacted EPM after finding his professional informative website. Eddy contacted us rapidly and arrived at our house soon after. His inspection was thorough after we showed him the termite damage we had uncovered in one room. We opted for a complete barrier treatment around our house. We feel assured that Eddy uses the best quality products applied thoroughly. This treatment has given us peace of mind, our property is now protected against further damage. Our biggest regret is being in denial and not calling the very friendly Eddy a lot sooner as further renovations have uncovered evidence of more termite damage. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddy. He is patient, a great communicator, and his work is of the highest standard. Termites gone!”

Virginia Wind

“The technician that came and did the inspection and treatment was terrific! He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Both my husband and I were very impressed with him. He had a great attitude and went out of his way to work in with us regarding the timing. It was greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!“

Tania Lacy