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Termite treatment services are essential if you reside in Brisbane. This city is prone to some of the most intense pest and termite infestations. In such circumstances, it is integral for you to tackle the situation as early as possible to reduce the risk of a damaged home because these termites are likely to destroy your furniture, books, infiltration systems, and most of all, your lifestyle.

You need a credible company to cater to this termite problem, ensuring a healthy environment while leaving you completely satisfied with its services. EPM Pest and Termite Control’s qualified team works tirelessly to eradicate signs of termite problems or any termite activity within residential homes and commercial properties.


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Termite Treatment & Control Brisbane

Termites are pesky creatures that widely contribute to decreasing your standard of living. The threat of termites destroying your walls, furniture, or clothes can be taxing. We can control and prevent all sorts of general pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, rats, mice, fleas, bed bugs, flies and many more from settling in your home. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to control pests and have a pest free household, we’ve got you covered!


Coptotermes Acinaciformes


These termites are spread across Brisbane and form their nests in various spaces. These exclusively include spaces under buildings, walls, and tree bases. Their attack is mainly focused on wood within a 50-meter radius from where they establish their nests.

West Indian Dry Wood Termites


If you’re looking for the worst of the species, West Indian Dry Wood termites are the most destructive ones to exist. Their hostile behaviour spreads their damage in the most deadly manner. They mainly attack furniture and timber without clear signs of causing damage until it’s too late. Contact EPM Pest and Termite Control immediately if you see signs of these termites lounging in your property for instant termite treatment.

Giant Termite(s)

Giant Termite

Giant termites have big-sized bodies and normally exist in various small-sized colonies. Their main attack victims are leather, paper, and clothes. Therefore, keeping these out of your home is essential.

Our Brisbane Termite Control Services

Our services for termite and pest control, termite management, pest management, along with termite inspections, will keep your termite and pest problems at bay. These mainly include:



Pests can disrupt your standard of living by infesting your food, clothes, and furniture. We can control these through our affordable pest control in Brisbane. Whether it’s cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, white ants, yellow crazy ants, fleas, or any other kind, we’ve got you covered!

Fire Ants


We offer termite detection, termite barriers, termite protection, and termite treatments. Our termite baiting systems promise to minimize any looming termite damage in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, home owners can benefit from our termite control services at an affordable price.

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About EPM Pest & Termite control Brisbane

EPM Pest Control in Brisbane is a well-reputed organisation located in Brisbane. We offer exceptional pest control services along with pre purchase pest inspection in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

With more than 15 successful years in the pest control and termite industry, our management services have continued to earn appreciation and trust from our customers. Our pest controllers are highly skilled as they have worked tirelessly to offer customers a safe and healthy environment through thorough pre purchase inspections, termite treatment, and Brisbane pest control. Create a termite treatment plan with us today.

Treat termites today with EPM

Treat termites today with the EPM Pest Control and termite treatment team. We are dedicated to offering the best services to customers who frequently deal with pest problems or termite infestations through environmentally friendly and safe methods. We offer delivery services to commercial, residential, and domestic property.

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We offer competitive pricing for our pest control or termite inspection service. Our termite services will ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family. Our termite customers are always completely satisfied by our safe and effective termite methods. Therefore, call us on 13 0039 6077 for a quick free quote or fill in the form available on our website to get rid of your termites.

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Chemical-free Pest Treatment and Termite Inspection

We offer pest treatment in the safest way possible through our non-chemical, hazard-free solutions. Our pesticide-free pest treatment will ensure no hazardous implications or allergies triggered as a result of our treatment.

Other Pest Control Services

Yellow Crazy Ants

Yellow Crazy Ants

These pests have a yellow-coloured appearance and have hostile behaviour. Unlike the termite, their defence mechanism involves spraying formic acid when they fear an attack or any fear. They do not bite, but this acid can irritate the eyes or skin of anyone that comes in contact with it. Thus, our ant pest control services ensure the complete removal of these pesky pests.


Redback Spiders

Redback Spiders

No one likes the spider species due to their crawling and nest-making tendencies. The Redback Spider is the most common form in Brisbane as they crawl through your roof space and are commonly found in the outside part of your home, residing on pieces of machinery, patio furniture, and various other dry areas. These spiders cause a painful and potentially fatal bite that requires immediate medical aid.


Bed Bugs

What People Say

“We moved into our first home over 2 years ago, and EPM pest control has been nothing short of reliable, friendly and all round amazing.

We usually have Eddy come by to do our termite and pest control, however we had Mahdi come out this time, and he was exceptional. Highly knowledgeable and so understanding of us having to work from home and working around us in our office space etc.

Highly recommend EPM pest control!“

Debbie Singh

"We contacted EPM after finding his professional informative website. Eddy contacted us rapidly and arrived at our house soon after. His inspection was thorough after we showed him the termite damage we had uncovered in one room. We opted for a complete barrier treatment around our house. We feel assured that Eddy uses the best quality products applied thoroughly. This treatment has given us peace of mind, our property is now protected against further damage. Our biggest regret is being in denial and not calling the very friendly Eddy a lot sooner as further renovations have uncovered evidence of more termite damage. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddy. He is patient, a great communicator, and his work is of the highest standard. Termites gone!”

Virginia Wind

“The technician that came and did the inspection and treatment was terrific! He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Both my husband and I were very impressed with him. He had a great attitude and went out of his way to work in with us regarding the timing. It was greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!“

Tania Lacy