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Ants roaming around your house is not only irritating but can also result in stinging bites, damaged property and lead to ruined food. These tiny insects live in a colony. The trouble is you don’t know where they have been scavenging outside, so you won’t want them parading through your cupboards.

Ants are considering travelers. As they live in a colony, ants will march hundreds of meters for food, follow their trails, and become an annoyance to businesses and homes.

Getting rid of ants can sometimes be difficult. For this approach, you require a little knowledge, patience as well as a tailored removal plan. If you don’t have that much time, you can also hire an ant pest control service, such as EPM Pest and Termite Control.

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Ants - Everything You Need to Know

The first step to reclaiming your office or home is determining the type of pest infestation. In simplest words, there are two different ant infestations: ants that build the nest and forage inside your home and ants that live outside but forage inside.

Ants that live outside usually enter your home searching for food and shelter. Before selecting an execution method, it’s important you gain knowledge and learn about different ant species and related integrated pest management program.

Common Species

In Brisbane, the most common species of ants that you’ll see are the odorous house ant, garden ants, black house ant, bull ant, coastal brown ant, and the carpenter ant.

Below, we have mentioned two of the most common ant invasion you can face in Brisbane:


Fire Ants – When it comes to appearance, these ants are quite noticeable. Along with black thoraxes, their whole body is bright red. Fire ant’s bite can burn like hell and can lead to redness and irritation. This ant species is controlled by Biosecurity Queensland.

Fire Ants

Carpenter Ants – This ant species is available all around the globe. They are reddish-black in color. Carpenter ants usually build their nests inside of wood sources. If there are no woods outside, they will invade your house and make a nest in your furniture and wooden appliances.

Risks of Ant Infestation

Ants don’t really carry diseases. So, an ant’s bite won’t lead to severe health complications. However, an ant infestation can lead to other issues. For instance, you don’t really know where they have been marching outside. So, it would be best to keep them away from your food products.

Here are some of the most potential risks related to ant infestations:

Food Spoilage – The biggest issue with an ant infestation is that they can spoil your food items. They can build a nest around food that is left out or open food items.


Appliance Damage – If a colony of ants is unable to find food, they can eat the internal wiring of your appliances. Plus, they can also destroy your wooden products by making a nest in them.


Property Damage – Ants can make multiple entry points in your home, causing significant damage. If left unchecked, ants can cost you thousands of dollars in property damage. For instance, termites and white ants are known to cause millions of dollars in property damage annually.

Health Issues – While ants can disturb your mental health, their bite can also cause severe pain and itching.

Signs of Ant Infestation

Here are some of the most common indicators that your house is invaded by a whole colony of ants:

Wood shavings – Termites and carpenter ants love to consume wood. Seeing wood shavings or sawdust is certainly a red flag. If you see these signs, contact a professional ant control treatment team immediately.

Nests – Ants live in nests. While most ants create their nest outside, some can build them in your home – particularly in furniture and wooden appliances.

Sightings – One of the most significant signs of an ant infestation is seeing a trail of ants outside or inside your home.


Some Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants are generally social insects. They live in intermingling, cooperative colonies. Depending on the species, their colonies may vary in size from dozens to millions of members. Within a colony, each member has a certain function to person.

Each colony contains a queen whose primary function is to lay eggs and produce more ants. Colonies also contain worker ants who care for and feed the queen and developing brood. The most interesting fact about ants is that they leave invisible odour ant trails, which worker ants follow between the nest and food.

Ant Control Treatments – Step-By-Step Guide

So, your house has been infested by a colony of ants – what should you do?

Well, there are multiple methods that pest control technicians use for ant control. To solve your ant problem, you can use low-impact approaches, such as home cleaning, non-toxic prevention, and removal of ants by window cleaner and soapy water solution.

For professional ant treatment, you can follow ant control tips and pesticides. Remember, ant bites can lead to several issues. Therefore, you should get rid of an ant infestation as soon as possible.

Further below is a complete step-by-step guide to control the entire colony of ants and protect yourself from painful sting.

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Kitchen Vector Pest Control1. Find The Hiding Spot

The first step is, of course, finding their hiding spot. Depending on the species, ants can be quite hard to find.

Mostly, these insects infest your kitchens. This is because the kitchen contains everything the ant colony needs to survive, including water and food. Besides the kitchen, they can also invade your basements, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, heating units as well as air conditioning vents.

Food Scraps Vector Pest Control2. Eliminate Water and Food Sources

If you think you are dealing with an ant infestation, you should reduce the food spills immediately. Ants need food to survive. So, if they don’t get anything from your home, they will automatically migrate to another place.

Plus, you should also reduce the standing water and moisture around your home. You can repair leaky pipes and use a dehumidifier in attics, crawl spaces, and damp basements.

Pet Area Vector 3. Keep an Eye On Your Pets

Dogs and cats can unintentionally invite ants into your house. Besides ants, their water and food bowls can attract several other pests as well. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your pet’s activities.

Keep their food bowl clean and empty. Try to clean up the water or any spilled food promptly. If your little furball was outside, make sure they are not leaving a dirt trail in your home.

Hole in Wall Vector 4. Block Off Access Points

Ants are extremely small. They can enter into even the tiniest openings. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to keep them away from your home.

They can easily invade roof voids, electrical equipment, as well as wall cavities. To avoid allergic reactions and painful stings, we suggest investing your time and blocking off as much as access points as possible.

Professional Pest Control5. Get Professional Help

Different species require different ant treatments. Therefore, it would be best to get professional help. The pest control industry has a lot to offer if only you know where to look!

When it comes to solving ant problems, EPM pest control is one of the best pest control Brisbane available out there. Our friendly team contains a highly educated staff with impressive experience in ant management. We can solve ant issues from the sunshine coast to the gold coast: from small to large colonies.

We offer multiple environmentally friendly ant control treatment options. Furthermore, we also offer a free quote and can visit your home multiple times to finish the treatment based on your expectations and keep your property ant free!

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